What happens when you get your results from your appointment at a breast clinic.

Getting your results

A member of your breast care team should explain the results of your tests to you within three to five working days of your visit to the breast clinic. In Scotland the wait can be up to 10 working days.

A breast care nurse should be present at this appointment to give you support, and you may want to have your partner or a friend with you, if you think this will help.

Your results may show that you have a benign (non-cancerous) breast condition or they may show that you have breast cancer. Either way, your diagnosis will be carefully explained to you, as well as next steps.

If there is anything you don’t understand about the terms used, ask your doctor or breast care nurse to explain this to you.

Benign breast conditions

Not all breast changes are cancer. There are several other benign breast conditions including cysts, fibroadenomas, fibrocystic disease, lipomas and breast pain that can lead to breast symptoms.

Only a few of these conditions increase the risk of developing breast cancer. These are known as proliferative benign breast conditions and more information can be found on our genes and body page.

You can also learn more in our booklet: Breast cancer risk: the facts.

If you have any worries at all about your risk of breast cancer, visit your GP.

More information

You can learn more about benign breast conditions on the Breast Cancer Care website

Find out what happens after you receive a breast cancer diagnosis.


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