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Jemma and her mum Angela on the sofa together

Jemma took on the Pink Ribbon Walk in memory of her mum, Angela Mason

Jemma signed up to our May 2022 Pink Ribbon Walk around Blenheim Palace, in memory of her ‘beautiful mum, Angela.’ She shares her mum’s story and how it all went.

Jemma's mum Angela wearing a dress and hat

Could you tell us about your mum’s story?

My beautiful mum, Angela Mason, found a large lump on her right breast in March 2020. As COVID-19 just hit, she had to go to hospital by herself. It was a horrible time. She had a biopsy and some scans, and in April, she was told she had stage 3, triple negative breast cancer.

Due to the pandemic, mum couldn’t have chemotherapy, so she went straight for surgery in April and had her breast and all 36 lymph nodes removed, which all had cancer in them. Unfortunately, by June, the cancer had spread to the skin where her breast was removed. It also started spreading to her back and other areas.

In July, my mum could start chemotherapy, but by August, she had developed sepsis and sadly passed away on 11 August 2020. My mum didn’t check her boobs until it was too late.

It was tough to go through that as a family; I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

Why did you decide to fundraise for Breast Cancer Now?

I wanted to fundraise for Breast Cancer Now, which helps support people with breast cancer, and research into it too, in memory of my beautiful mum. I’ll make her proud and I hope she’ll be smiling down from heaven.

Supporting those with breast cancer is very close to my heart and means a lot to me. The money raised will go towards helping other people and their families during tough times.

Why did you choose the Pink Ribbon Walk?

I wanted to raise the money by completing a physical, fun and challenging walk, so the Pink Ribbon Walk was perfect.

How was your Pink Ribbon Walk experience?

I did the 20-mile walk. At each stop there were snacks, drinks and people to cheer you on. Both the build up at the start and the finish line had a great atmosphere. It was all planned really well and a lot of effort went into bringing an incredible day to life.

Seeing everyone come together to raise awareness and fundraise for Breast Cancer Now really does mentally help.

How did you decide to fundraise?

I set up a JustGiving page, linking the donations to go to Breast Cancer Now, and I shared it on Facebook and with friends and family. It was so easy to set up and Breast Cancer Now was really helpful.

What would you say to someone considering the 2023 Pink Ribbon Walk?

It’s an amazing, emotional experience. I’d recommend it to anyone. Think of all those people being diagnosed, going through treatment and putting up a fight - you could be helping even just one person. I think that really gives you the push and strength to do it.

Make sure you bring plasters, stay hydrated and have a high protein and carb breakfast. 

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Pink Ribbon Walk 2023

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