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Eve on her Big Pink Jump

Jumping to the challenge - Eve took a leap of faith with a sponsored skydive

This year, why not do something different, while raising money for a cause you care about? If you’re an adrenaline junkie, want to face a fear, or you’ve pledged to say ‘yes’ to new things, an adrenaline event, like a skydive, could be the perfect opportunity. Eve decided to ‘take the plunge’ herself, signing up to one of our Big Pink Jumps for Breast Cancer Now. Read Eve’s story and top tips!

Eve on her Big Pink Jump day

You mentioned you had breast cancer; can you tell us a bit more?

Luckily enough, I’ve checked my boobs from a young age, after my mum had breast cancer at 46. In 2021, I found a lump and got it checked. I chose to hold off on surgery and do a medical trial. This reduced it in size by around 20% which was amazing. I then had a therapeutic mammoplasty and reduction to my other breast. After that, I had 15 sessions of radiotherapy. 

Why did you decide to fundraise for Breast Cancer Now?

When I got diagnosed, Breast Cancer Now’s website was so helpful. There’s a forum, helpline and downloadable booklets, and you can ask a nurse a question. It helped me know I wasn’t alone.

This was one of the main factors I wanted to fundraise for Breast Cancer Now. You don’t realise the amount support that’s there till you need it.

Why a skydive?

The skydive jumped out at me - how often would you say I’m just going for a skydive like you would for a run – never! The main factors that attracted me were the build-up and unknown of what it would be like.

How did you find the fundraising?

It was so easy to set up! After registering for the skydive on Breast Cancer Now’s website, someone got in touch. They sent me fundraising tips, how to set up a fundraising page, and a charity t-shirt for the day.

I was surprised I went above my fundraising goal so quickly – there are so many supportive people out there.

What are your top fundraising tips?

  • Write about your story on your fundraising page
  • Post the page on social media, and share it with family, friends and colleagues
  • Don’t be afraid to share or ask
  • Share pictures and videos before, during and after your event

What are your top tips for the day of the jump?

  • Bring family and friends 
  • Put long hair in a plait or bun to avoid knots
  • Don’t overthink it. Enjoy every second - the views, and of course, gliding through the sky
  • Wear something warm, like a hoody
  • Take lots of pictures, and a handy cam so you can watch it back - my face jiggling was hilarious

How did you feel after the challenge?

My first thought was - wow I’ve done it and could do it again. It truly was an amazing experience. My main goal was raising awareness and funds for an amazing cause, and I’m so happy that was achieved.

In a strange way, I think it gave me some closure on a testing year, which ended with an achievement.

What would you say to anyone considering an adrenaline event for Breast Cancer Now?

Honestly, if you’re thinking about a skydive or new challenge, why not sign up?

If you want to do the Big Pink Jump like me, you can sign up on Breast Cancers Now’s website. It’s such a rewarding experience.

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