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Michael is walking for his loved ones

Michael's wife, sister and sister-in-law all heard the news they had breast cancer. Find out more about his story and why he's taking part in our Pink Ribbon Walk.

Have you been affected by breast cancer?

My first connection to breast cancer was in back 1988, when my mother-in-law had a diagnosis.

In 2013, my wife Bev found out she had breast cancer. She was 51 at the time. And just a year later, my sister Annie had the same news. Both had a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and thankfully, they’re now both well and active.

In 2022, my daughter Claire and my sister-in-law Janet were tested for the BRCA 2 gene and both tests came back positive. The following year, Janet received a diagnosis. She’s recovering from her full mastectomy and reconstruction surgery at the moment. And Claire is considering having preventative surgery in the future.

Michael's wife
Michael's wife, Bev

How have your family's experiences impacted you?

As a husband, brother, father, and brother-in-law, I’m so grateful for all the care that my family has received. I’m thankful to all the fantastic charities offering breast cancer care and research and promoting breast cancer awareness. It’s certainly saved many lives.

Why did you sign up for the Pink Ribbon Walk?

I decided I wanted to raise some funds for a deserving charity, and that’s why I’m taking on the 2024 Pink Ribbon Walk for Breast Cancer Now.

To walk a few miles with like-minded people and raise some funds for a deserving charity is a privilege to be a part of.

I signed up for the Pink Ribbon walk as a way of offering my support to a worthwhile cause, not just in a financial way which is so important but also bringing awareness. Through the many ways of fundraising, I can share my own and my family's past and ongoing experiences.

Talking to others can break down the barriers of fear and isolation, giving hope and a positive outlook for the future.

Some of Michael's family
Michael's family

How are you fundraising for the walk?

I’m going to open a JustGiving page for my fundraising and send it to my family and friends.

I have recently received the fundraising pack from Breast Cancer Now so I will use these resources also, maybe the sweepstake at work will go down well.

What are you most looking forward to about the Pink Ribbon Walk?

I really enjoy being out in the countryside. Whether it’s walking or cycling, I enjoy taking advantage of the many benefits to health and wellbeing. 


Has Michael inspired you to get involved?

Come and join the Pink Ribbon Walk community at our 3 wonderful event days!

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