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When I felt scared and confused, Breast Cancer Now was my lifeline

Bonita was left in the dark about a lump that turned out to be breast cancer. Later on, she turned to us for the reassurance and information she needed.

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Can you tell us about your diagnosis?

13 years ago, I spotted a lump in my left breast and was referred to the hospital. I had a CT scan and biopsies and I wasn’t told much at all - I felt petrified. 3 weeks later, I was told it was benign, but I had no reassurance and just felt so lost.

It was always on my mind, and in 2022, I had some pain in the same area. I went for a mammogram, and it showed small spots called calcifications. After a biopsy, I needed more tests, and lumpectomy surgery, even though I didn’t even know I had cancer yet. After researching calcifications on Breast Cancer Now’s website, I thought it must be DCIS breast cancer, which it turned out to be.

My lumpectomy cleared 95% of the cancer, so I still needed a mastectomy, or another lumpectomy. I chose a lumpectomy which cleared everything, and I’m now just waiting for reconstruction on my breast.

What support did you get from Breast Cancer Now?

During the 2 week-wait for my second lumpectomy, I felt really anxious, so I rang the Breast Cancer Now helpline for reassurance. I spoke to a nurse who was amazing and answered all my questions. To be truthful, it helped me so much and made me feel so much better about my worries and concerns.

I also just want to thank Breast Cancer Now, as I feel the website has been more informative to me than anything. From the very beginning, the website gave me what I needed to know, when I wasn’t getting what I needed.

How do you think things would have different if hasn’t use the service?

When you hear the initial word, cancer, it’s petrifying. Everything goes through your mind, and not fully understanding your diagnosis makes things seem worse.

Once I’d read about my diagnosis on Breast Cancer Now’s website, and I spoke to a nurse in the comfort of my own home, I could truly take in what was being said to me. When you’re sitting in a consultant’s room, you have all these fears and emotions inside of you.

What would you say to someone else feeling anxious or in the dark, along their journey?

I ‘d really recommend using the helpline. You’ll feel more comfortable in your own space and can think of things you didn’t ask the hospital, and just feel reassured.

It helped that I didn’t know that person, too. I felt like I didn’t need to put on a brave face and could tell them all my worries or fears - something I didn’t want to share to my family or friends.

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We’re here for you

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