Since our partnership began in 2001, Marks & Spencer (M&S) has raised an amazing £20 million helping to make an incredible impact in finding the causes of breast cancer.

How M&S supports breast cancer research 

M&S raises money through donations on sales of specially designed products during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

In 2006, the M&S post-surgery range was launched making them the first store on the UK high street to design a range of lingerie specifically for women with breast cancer. The range was researched and designed in collaboration with our supporters who continue to feed into it today. M&S staff do not stop there; with fundraising in store and annual charity challenges, this partnership is our most successful to date.

The money raised by M&S so far has supported the Generations Study. This is the world’s largest, most comprehensive scientific study into the causes of breast cancer. As a direct result of this groundbreaking work, Breast Cancer Now understands more of the causes of breast cancer.

Year two of the new appeal

In October 2015, Marks and Spencer pledged to raise a further £13 million for Breast Cancer Now over five years. This money will be raised through the sales of exciting new products and employee and customer fundraising.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016

Following a groundbreaking campaign last October, featuring seven magnificent Breast Cancer Now supporters modelling a range of M&S lingerie developed in partnership with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, we are launching a new campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with another seven inspiring women.

This year, we are focused on promoting the importance of getting active to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. Our amazing women, who have each been affected by breast cancer, are modelling M&S’s activewear range, from which 10% will be donated to Breast Cancer Now from 27 September to 31 October.

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer 2016

This April, the partnership is aiming to build further on this success by raising money through a range of limited edition T-shirts, bracelet and pins on sale as part of our Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Campaign. The products will carry a donation to Breast Cancer Now, encouraging customers to wear their support in the fight against breast cancer.

Reducing breast cancer risk

The new £13m appeal will fund Breast Cancer Now’s scientists to discover a robust model to calculate an individual’s risk of developing breast cancer. We hope that this research will help us to prevent 9,000 breast cancer cases each year by 2025. To complement this research our partnership will also be launching a Wellbeing Programme to M&S customers, providing them with information and lifestyle changes they can make to help reduce their individual risk of developing breast cancer.

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