Breast Cancer Now relies on the advice of many internationally renowned scientific experts to help us decide who should receive our grants. Our advisory groups ensure that we only fund the highest quality research.

The group members generously give their time and expertise for free, and we are enormously grateful for their ongoing commitment.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The SAB consists of around 30 of the UK’s leading breast cancer researchers. Together, they review applications to our short-term funding schemes (that is, our projects, PhD studentships, pilot grants and fellowships).

They take advice from many hundreds of other scientists and clinicians from around the world, who provide specialist written comments on particular applications.

Together, this assessment by both the SAB and the external experts ensures that Breast Cancer Now funds research which will have the greatest chance of leading to improvements in the prevention, detection and treatment of all forms of breast cancer.

It is important that our decision-making processes are fair, transparent and free from bias. We are members of the Association of Medical Research Charities, and we follow their best practice for peer review.

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For any queries about the SAB, please contact our Senior Manager, Research Funding on 0207 749 4108 or email

Catalyst Committee (CC)

The Catalyst Committee consists of leading breast cancer clinicians and scientists from across the UK and Europe. Together, they review expressions of interest and applications for our Catalyst Grant funding scheme. Like the SAB, they take advice from many other scientists and clinicians from around the world, who provide specialist written comments on the applications we receive.

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The Science Strategy Committee (SSC)

The SSC was established to provide expert scientific advice directly to the Board of Trustees. Members include leading, international scientists and the SSC meets three times per annum.

The main purpose of the SSC is to oversee Breast Cancer Now’s research portfolio and its funding mechanisms, ensuring the strategic aims of the charity are delivered effectively. Working closely alongside the Research Directorate, the SSC is responsible for:

  • The Research Strategy – recommending Breast Cancer Now’s research strategy; monitoring the impact of Breast Cancer Now’s research expenditure against the research strategy; monitoring Breast Cancer Now’s funding mechanisms to ensure the strategic aims are delivered
  • Research Budget – advising the Board of Trustees on the distribution of the annual research budget across Breast Cancer Now’s entire research portfolio
  • Reviewing and advising on scientific progress – including reviewing the annual progress of Breast Cancer Now’s long-term programmes

Find out about the Science Strategy Committee members and affiliations.

For any queries about the SSC please contact our Senior Manager, Research Funding on 020 7025 2460 or email

Generations Study Oversight Body

The Generations Study is the world’s largest and most comprehensive study into the causes of breast cancer, and is following more than 113,000 women throughout their lives. The study is funded by Breast Cancer Now and hosted by the Institute of Cancer Research.

The Generations Study Oversight Body includes representatives from both Breast Cancer Now and the Institute of Cancer Research. It monitors the progress of the work of the study, approves requests for external access to the study data and offers advice on ethical considerations.

It is also responsible for the appointment of the study’s Principal Investigators. 

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For any queries about the Generations Study Oversight Body, please contact our Senior Manager, Research Funding on 020 7280 4260 (520) or email

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