The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) are currently deciding whether or not women with secondary breast cancer in Scotland will be given access to the revolutionary drug, Kadcyla.

Breast Cancer Now recently teamed up with four Scottish mums; Lesley, Alison, Lesley and Anne, to launch a petition asking the drug’s manufacturer, Roche and the SMC - to reach a deal on this life-changing drug that will see it made available in Scotland.

The petition to unlock Kadcyla on Scotland’s NHS closed with a 13,196 signatures in just six days.

The SMC is meeting on Tuesday 7 March to decide whether to make this revolutionary drug available to women in Scotland. However, we do not expect an announcement to be made public until 10 April.

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Why are we campaigning?

Lesley, Alison, Lesley and Anne have one horrible thing in common. They all have secondary breast cancer. A type of cancer with no cure.

“Kadcyla is a revolutionary drug that gives women with a diagnosis like ours the hope of more time with our children and the ones we love most. The problem is that in Scotland you can’t get Kadcyla on the NHS.

We want to change that. We want to make Kadcyla available on our NHS.

Some of us have spent all the money we have or battled NHS bureaucracy to get it. We don’t want women to go through that in the future.

On 7 March the SMC will decide whether or not women will have access to the hope Kadcyla brings. If they refuse to act, women like us – mothers, daughters, sisters and partners – will be denied this effective treatment.

We’re fighting for women like us to stay alive and we need your help.”