Imagine if everyone who wants to stop breast cancer decided to put a gift in their will to Breast Cancer Now for research.

Gifts in wills are an increasingly popular way of supporting breast cancer research, because they can mean that people who feel strongly about the cause can do a bit more than they might be able to do in their lifetime.

Gifts in wills are going to have an ever greater impact on the future of breast cancer research. They will be hugely important in bringing forward the day where no family has to face a future without the woman they love because of breast cancer.

If we all put a gift in our will, it could change everything for breast cancer research

When it comes to supporting breast cancer research, gifts of all sizes can make a big difference. After taking care of loved ones, some people leave £100, others £1,000, a few leave a house. Many leave a percentage of anything left over after all their other gifts have been distributed. Every gift makes a mark in the lab, where our research happens.

A gift in your will could help fund research to:

  • find new ways to identify every woman’s risk of developing breast cancer
  • develop new screening methods to pick up the earliest signals of breast cancer
  • discover innovative treatments that target cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone
  • find new ways to treat breast cancer when it spreads, to stop anyone dying from it

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Download our gifts in wills guide

Adding a gift in your will to Breast Cancer Now is simple

There are different ways to add a gift to your will. You can leave a sum of money, an item, a percentage of your estate or a percentage of the ‘residue’ – anything left over after all your other gifts have been distributed.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the gifts in wills team, by calling 0333 20 70 300 or emailing

We can send you a copy of our information pack, which contains all you need to know to include a gift in your will to Breast Cancer Now. We are also able to offer our supporters access to the National Free Wills Network to have a simple will written free of charge.

Wording for your will

While we are not able to offer legal advice we can talk you through the process of making or updating your will. We recommend that you speak to a solicitor, who will advise you about the exact wording to use. Please ask your solicitor to include this information:

Breast Cancer Now
Ibex House 42 - 47 Minories

A charity registered in England and Wales (No. 1160558) and in Scotland (SC045584).

Please note – if you included in a gift in your will to either of our former charities, Breast Cancer Campaign or Breakthrough Breast Cancer, your gift will automatically come to Breast Cancer Now. You do not need to update your will with the new charity name.

Are you an executor?

If you are the executor of an estate which includes a gift to Breast Cancer Now, or either of our former legacy charities Breast Cancer Campaign or Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and have any queries about how to administer this gift, please contact us at

Bob's story

Bob had never dreamt of having to protect his daughter, Fiona, from anything more than falling off her bike or getting her heart broken by a boy. But after breast cancer turned supporter him and his family'd life upside down, he was determined to do something.

"I knew we had to do something so that, one day, no other family will hear those dreaded words: 'nothing more can be done'...that's why my wife and I have both left a gift to Breast Cancer Now in our wills."


Useful publications and downloads

  • Gifts in Wills booklet

    Download our gifts in wills guide

    Our guide talks you through what your gift could do, how your solicitor can word your gift, clarity on how it impacts inhertiance tax as well as details on how you could come and visit our lab to see some of our research up-close for yourself.