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In 2017, our collaboration to get more people taking on Alcohol Concern’s Dry January, resulted in almost 5 million Britons attempting a dry January this year. Thank you for taking part.

In the UK experts estimate 6 out of 100 breast cancers in women are linked to drinking too much alcohol. And it’s a fact that the more alcohol you regularly drink, the greater your risk is of getting the disease. Even just a single drink each day makes you more likely to develop breast cancer – so cutting back can only be a good thing.

Going booze-free for a month is proven to help you in the long-term – almost two thirds of people who give up alcohol by signing up to Dry January are drinking less six months on. The health benefits of banning the booze speak for themselves: great sleep, more energy, shifting a few stubborn pounds.

There’s also evidence that swapping that glass of house white for a half of lime and soda could help reduce your blood pressure, lower cholesterol and help you maintain a healthy liver.

Find out more about alcohol and breast cancer.

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Hear from some of our celebrity supporters who signed up to go dry this January

Gaby RoslinGaby Roslin, supporter of Breast Cancer Now and Dry January says:

“Breast cancer touches the lives of so many which is why it’s so important that women are aware of the connection between alcohol and breast cancer risk.

"I can't think of a better reason to take part in Dry January this month than for Breast Cancer Now.

"I’m proud to support the campaign and I’m up for the challenge of staying dry for a month! Are you?!”

Sam FaiersSam Faiers, supporter of Breast Cancer Now and Dry January says:

“I’m very proud to be taking part in Dry January for Breast Cancer Now. It will be a positive and healthy way start to 2017. I hope lots of people will join me and the thousands of others taking part this January - sign up today!”