Find your nearest Breast Cancer now group or set up your own.

We have wonderful local fundraising groups all over the UK, working hard to support our work.

All of our groups do amazing things for Breast Cancer Now. From afternoon teas, pink parties, horse rides, zumbathons, dog walks, masked balls, street collections, frock swaps, the list is endless!

They also play an important role in raising awareness of breast cancer in their communities and campaigning to help improve the lives of people affected by breast cancer. Joining a group is a great way to meet new people in your area, or do something fun with your friends and family. You can use your existing skills and hopefully learn lots of new ones.

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Frequently asked questions

We have over 60 groups across the British Isles, all of whom are passionate about fundraising and committed to changing the future for everyone affected by breast cancer. Our groups play a key role to raise money for our ground-breaking research, spread awareness and support other fundraisers in their local community.

Read more about one of our amazing groups in our blog.

Joining or starting a group is a great way to meet new like-minded friends, have a huge amount of fun organising any event you can think of, and make a real change by raising the profile of Breast Cancer Now’s life-saving work locally.

The groups can have many roles, including:

  • Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Media Officer - Press/Public Relations and Digital
  • Event Organiser

If you are interested in joining your local group, please don’t hesitate to either contact them directly or contact us to find out more.

All of our groups are welcoming and friendly and would be happy to talk with you about how your existing skills and personality could best fit within a role for the group. Are you great at organising events? Great at marketing? Or want a challenge to learn new skills?

If you become a part of a large group, more than one person can have the same role and share the workload. If you become part of a small group, members may need to take on more than one role or certain roles may remain unassigned and the tasks just be shared out by all members.

Our groups will have regular meetings to discuss progress on planning their events and future plans for what else they’d like to try or get involved with.

We encourage our groups to take the lead as they are the experts on their local area, and we provide comprehensive support and training, as well as materials for fundraising and awareness events. We will also get in touch if we have any opportunities that we feel the group would benefit from attending.

Fundraising together with other friends (old and new) as part of a group enables any fundraising ideas to be possible – from pink parties to horse rides, zumbathons and dog walks, to masked balls, street collections and frock swaps – you can do any or all of it! With your small team working collaboratively, you can do more than you ever thought you could and it’s a fantastic way to see what you can achieve with dedication and commitment to a cause that matters to you.

We’re very proud of our amazing groups and all they’re continually doing to help us meet our ambition to ensure that by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live. They are brilliant ambassadors of our much-needed work and we do all we can to give them insight and experience of our research direct from scientists working hard in the research center so they can see the difference their funds are making.

Become part of our Breast Cancer Now family and be the change you want to see in your community. Get in touch and sign up today.

Last year, our existing volunteer groups raised a phenomenal £240,000 for our life-saving research. This is a massive help towards our goal that, by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live.

For more information

If you’d like to find out more about joining a group in your area, starting a new group (with our help!) or if you have any questions at all, please get in touch with our Community Engagement Team by emailing or by calling 020 7025 2402.