Asking friends and family to make a donation in lieu of flowers at a funeral service is a lovely way to celebrate the life of a loved one.

Donations we receive in memory of a loved one are very special to us. They remind us of the inspirational people we have lost to breast cancer and make us more committed to reach our goal and give people more time to live.

Supporting us in memory of a loved one is an incredible way to remember them and to stop people dying from breast cancer in the future.

How do I organise a funeral collection?

We have collection envelopes and other materials which are able to be used at funeral services. You can order collection envelopes using our online form

Create a tribute fund

A tribute fund is an online memorial to your loved one which you can share with family and friends. Your fund will display all the donations made in their memory.

Find out more about tribute funds.

Thank you

On behalf of Breast Cancer Now, we would like to turn our thoughts to friends and family for choosing to support us during this difficult time - and to say a heartfelt thank you.

Get in touch

If you would like any further support, we are here to help over the phone at 0333 20 70 300 or via email