Lumps are vital to look out for, and it might be the first thing you spot. If you do find a breast lump, get it checked by your doctor, even though they’re quite common and most of them are benign (not cancerous).

Another symptom of breast cancer is breast pain, but pain is very common and may not be anything to worry about.

How often should I be checking?

It’s good to get in a habit of checking regularly and make it part of your weekly or monthly routine. You can do it in the bath or shower, when you’re getting ready in the morning or while watching TV on the sofa.

What should I do if I find something?

If you spot any unusual changes, it’s important to get them checked by your doctor as soon as possible.

Most cases of breast cancer are found by women noticing unusual changes and visiting their doctor to get them checked. The earlier breast cancer is found, the better the chance of beating it.

I've been invited to a breast screening, what will it be like?

Take a look at our screening guide to find out what you need to know about NHS breast screenings.