Hear from just a few of the women who accepted theirs.

If you haven’t been to a breast screening appointment before, find out all you need to know and hear from the women who’ve experienced it.

We get offered free screening on a regular basis. I think it’s great”

When you turn 50, your local breast screening unit will start to invite you to a screening appointment every three years. In some areas of the country your invitations will start from age 47.

Your invitations will stop when you turn 70 (or 73 in some parts of the country), but you can still make your own appointment at your local screening unit or by asking your GP to refer you.

I was so fortunate that I had that mammogram…That saved my life actually”

Mammograms can spot breast cancers early, before they can even be felt. It’s easier to successfully treat breast cancer at an early stage, and it’s estimated that screening prevents 1,300 deaths from breast cancer every year in the UK.

Don’t forgot though, it’s still important to check your breasts regularly for signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Because mammograms can detect breast cancer so early, one in five women who are diagnosed with breast cancer through screening will receive treatment even though their breast cancer might not have caused any problems in their lifetime.

It’s not too bad at all. Bit uncomfortable, but you expect this”

At your screening appointment, you will be asked to remove your clothing from the waist up, and your mammographer will take two x-rays of each of your breasts by gently squeezing them between two plates. Your mammographer is there to help you and will talk you through the whole process.

You’re in and out, it’s all good”

A typical breast screening appointment lasts just a few minutes, so any discomfort you might experience is over quickly. Your mammographer will let you know how and when you’ll receive your results – it’s usually within two weeks, through the post.

Sometimes extra tests are needed to check an abnormal area, but most women are reassured they don’t have breast cancer. 

Our appointments here are six minutes, and it could save your life”

Don’t ignore your next breast screening invite

Visit our page on breast screening if you would like more information to help you decide whether to attend your next appointment.

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