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For International Nurses Day, Catherine gives the low-down on our nurse helpline and why it is so valuable

We asked Catherine what she enjoys most about being one of our nurses and why the helpline is so important. Learn more.

We asked Catherine what she enjoys most about being one of our nurses and why the helpline is so important. 

Catherine offers a listening ear, information and support, as part of our specialist nurses and trained staff team. From answering calls on our helpline, to hosting Facebook lives, the team does it all. 

How long have you been with us? 

This is my 15th year in the team. In my first year, I worked as an NHS breast care nurse too, but ever since, I've worked permanently with Breast Cancer Now.

What do you enjoy most about your role with us?

It’s such a rewarding experience. It can get busy, but we always have time to care for those who call us, which is such a good feeling. 

Why do you think the helpline is so important? 

Now more than ever, people are finding it difficult to get time with their doctor or nurse, to ask anything or talk through how they’re feeling.

Although we get busy, our team’s here for anyone worried about or affected by breast cancer. We have the time to listen to your concerns and we can signpost you to different support services. 

So many people call us at all stages of treatment - before, during, and even long after, which I think tells us it’s so valuable.   

Which questions or topics do you get most? 

I don’t think there’s a ‘most asked’ question, and a lot of the time, there isn’t a question, just a need to be listened to.   

Since the pandemic, we’ve had lots of callers needing more emotional support, and many are concerned they don’t want to be wasting their doctor or nurse’s time, as they know the pressure staff are under. 

What would you say to someone considering using the helpline, but feeling unsure? 

We know it can be scary to pick up the phone for the first time and make that call.  But we’re here to listen and help, without judgement, and provide a confidential service. 

If it’s easier for us to call you, or if we're busy, you can leave us a voicemail out of hours. Or you can ask us a question on our Ask Our Nurses form, and we’ll call or email you back.  

We have the time you need to talk out loud about the things whizzing through your head, which you maybe can’t explain or say to others. And we’re here with you every step of the way, for as long as you need us.  


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your experience with breast cancer, or if you just want someone to talk to, Catherine and our team of nurses are here for you. Find out more.  

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