Simon Vincent, Assistant Director of Research at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, said:

“This study shows just how important the research we fund really is.

“Breakthrough Breast Cancer is cited as one of the top funders of cancer research in the UK. The research paid for by these funders has led not only to vast improvements in outcomes for people with breast and other cancers, but also huge gains for the UK economy as a whole.

"Breakthrough's approach is to fund world-class breast cancer research, and to make sure the benefits of this research reach every UK patient through improvements to policy and practice. This report shows that our approach will continue to change the lives of women and men in the UK, and bring benefits to the economy, for many years into the future.

"But we can't do this without you. Over the past 40 years the British public has funded £15 billion of cancer research through taxes and charitable donations. Without the generosity of the public, we cannot fund our vital work."