Eluned Hughes, Senior Manager - Information at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, said:

“This is an important finding because it's difficult to unpick which elements of a person’s diet impact upon their breast cancer risk. We know that 40% of breast cancers could be prevented by changes to lifestyle such as being regularly active, maintaining a healthy weight and limiting alcohol consumption but this study provides us with further insight into the specific role of saturated fat intake and certain types of breast cancer.

“Whilst we are learning more and more each day about the environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors that affect breast cancer risk, it is not yet possible to predict who will get breast cancer, and for women who have been diagnosed with the disease, we can’t yet say what caused it.  

“That’s why Breakthrough is leading the way to find the answers to these questions through our research work, including the Breakthrough Generations Study, the largest study of its kind, following more than 113,000 women from across the UK for 40 years in a bid to find the root causes of breast cancer.  Our hope is that as the study continues to report over time, we will eventually be able to identify high-risk women and find ways to prevent them from developing breast cancer at all.”