Eluned Hughes, Senior Manager – Information, at Breakthrough Breast Cancer says:

“We have known for some time that these risk factors play a crucial part in causing chronic illnesses; this paper highlights the importance of reducing these factors in order to reduce incidence and death from these diseases.

“Four out of 10 breast cancers can be prevented through changes to lifestyle. Around 4,000 cases of breast cancer each year in the UK are thought to be related to obesity and 3,000 cases related to alcohol consumption.

“By 2025, Breakthrough Breast Cancer estimates we will be able to prevent 15% of breast cancers – that’s 9,000 cases per year. At present, around 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK; if nothing changes we estimate that this figure will increase to around 57,000 women each year by 2025.

“We advise that women try to reduce their alcohol consumption, eat a healthy balanced diet and keep physically active – drinking one typical drink per day, two units, can cause an extra two women out of every 100 to develop breast cancer in their lifetime, while obesity can lead to around three extra women out of every 100 to develop breast cancer over the age of 50.”