All proceeds of the single will be donated to breast cancer charity, Walk the Walk, organisers of the famous MoonWalks in London, Scotland and Iceland, who are celebrating 20 years of fundraising.

Since it launched, Walk the Walk has made grants for research to both legacy charities, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Campaign, including funding for the groundbreaking breast cancer Tissue Bank and Breast Cancer Now’s Legacy Study for secondary breast cancer

Nina Barough CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk, said:

“We are so lucky that The Tootsie Rollers are such wonderful supporters of Walk the Walk and The MoonWalk, and I am incredibly touched by this amazing tribute! Not only is it a great song to walk to, but if everybody does their bit and downloads the song, it is a tremendous way to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.” 

The Tootsie Rollers said:

"We are incredibly honoured to be releasing this track to help raise awareness and funds for such an important charity. All the proceeds from the song are going straight to the charity as it is one very close to our hearts. We hope the song may also inspire people to join the walk!"

Stopping traffic to launch The MoonWalk London

As “Walk the Walk” was performed to startled onlookers in Oxford Circus, entries opened for The MoonWalk London 2016.

On Saturday 14 May, thousands of women and men will once again walk through the streets of London from Clapham Common at Midnight, wearing the breast cancer charity’s trademark brightly decorated bras.

Walkers will be uniting to save lives, as they raise awareness and millions of pounds for breast cancer causes.

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The special song, simply titled “Walk the Walk” is inspired by The MoonWalk and can be downloaded from iTunes.

The Tootsie Rollers fuse old-school classics with contemporary hits. They have taken their unique sound all over the world, and performed at a variety of venues from Royal Palaces to music festivals. 

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