30 October 2017

TV presenter Emma Willis has teamed up with Breast Cancer Care to front a new video encouraging women to check their breasts regularly.

In the 80-second “Not Just a Lump” video, Emma reminds women there are seven other breast changes aside from a lump, like a rash or nipple inversion, which can mean breast cancer.

Emma, who is a supporter of Breast Cancer Care, has taken part in the film as she hopes to get viewers to know that checking their breasts needs to be a year-round responsibility, whatever their age, so they can spot any unusual changes quickly.

This comes as Breast Cancer Care reveals a third (34%) of people are diagnosed with breast cancer* after finding a symptom other than a lump, highlighting the need for women to feel confident recognising all the warning signs of the disease.

Emma Willis, TV presenter and Breast Cancer Care supporter, says:

“Like many women I thought a lump was the only warning sign of breast cancer. Now I’ve had my eyes opened to all the other things to look out for too – like a change in skin texture that looks like an orange peel, or redness, or an inverted nipple.

"It’s so important to get to know your breasts, whatever your age, and I’m supporting Breast Cancer Care to spread the word about knowing all the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

“Checking your breasts doesn’t need to be a chore either. You can have a look and feel when you’re in the shower, getting ready for bed or even watching telly! Whenever and wherever suits you best, just make it part of your routine all year round.”  

Samia al Qadhi, CEO of Breast Cancer Care, says:

“Thanks to campaigns like Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the majority of women now know they need to check their breasts. But that doesn’t stop when October comes to an end – and it’s not just a lump they need to look out for.

“We’re excited to be working with Emma to make more women familiar with the other main signs of breast cancer and to help them feel confident in getting anything unusual checked out.”

Watch and share the “Not Just a Lump” video, visit  breastcancernow.org/signssymptoms




For further information, please contact:

Georgia Tilley, Press and PR Officer, Breast Cancer Care

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Notes to editors

Figures from a Breast Cancer Care survey. Fieldwork was undertaken online between 18 October and 3 November 2016. Total sample size: 966 people, all of whom have had a primary diagnosis of breast cancer.

Total sample size for individual questions may vary due to people answering specific questions according to their personal experience.

Percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number. For exact figures and full findings please contact Georgia Tilley.

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