Mia Rosenblatt, Head of Policy and Campaigns, at Breast Cancer Campaign, said:

“We are deeply disappointed by today’s news - it is a huge blow for women with HER2+ advanced breast cancer in Scotland who will now not have access to this innovative drug, which has been shown to extend lives by an average of 6 months. We urge Roche to take immediate steps to ensure that this is not the end of the line for Kadcyla in respect of SMC approval, and to enable this new lifeline to be offered to women with this particularly aggressive form of breast cancer.


“The decision in Scotland follows the rejection of Kadcyla for routine NHS use in England and Wales by NICE in August, also on the grounds of cost. While we recognise the steps that the SMC has taken to revise their drug appraisal process and to consider the impact on patients as part of this, the outcome is a really significant setback for breast cancer patients.


“With all of this in mind, we must remember that breast cancer patients are at the heart of this issue. Kadcyla is a promising drug that has the potential to give patients with advanced HER2+ breast cancer a valuable extension of life, and is one that is recognised to have more manageable side-effects than other treatments.”