Katherine Woods, Senior Research Communications Manager at Breast Cancer Campaign, comments:

“This trial has produced some fascinating initial results, which highlights the importance of innovation in breast cancer research.


“We must remember, though, that this immunotherapy, which causes the immune system to attack breast tumours, is still in the early stages of testing. There’s a long way to go to establish the effectiveness of this treatment.


“Each year in the UK around 12,000 women die from breast cancer, meaning that we desperately need new ways of outsmarting the disease to improve the chances of survival for women who are diagnosed.  Good progress is being made in treating other cancers with immunotherapies, and we are hopeful that in the future this kind of treatment will also be successful in helping more women to overcome breast cancer.


“To speed up progress in this promising area, Breast Cancer Campaign is currently funding five pioneering immunotherapy research projects within the UK.”

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