6 November 2018

Responding to new research into sleep characteristics, which suggests that women who are ‘larks’ have a lower risk of developing breast cancer, Dr Emma Pennery, Clinical Director at Breast Cancer Care, says:

“While these intriguing results highlight the need for further investigation, changing your sleeping habits is not as easily done as other proven risk-reducing choices, as they’re often part and parcel with jobs, parenting, or other health conditions.

“More work is needed to understand why sleep characteristics may be linked to breast cancer risk. But what we do know is maintaining a healthy weight, taking exercise and drinking a sensible amount of alcohol, all help to reduce the risk.

“That said, breast cancer is a highly complex disease and lifestyle changes do not guarantee prevention of breast cancer. The greatest risk factors – being a woman and getting older – remain out of our control. So any lifestyle changes must go hand in hand with knowing all the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.”


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Notes to editors

Anyone with questions can call Breast Cancer Care’s Helpline on 0808 800 6000.

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