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Response to the announcement of a new Major Conditions Strategy

Responding to today’s Government announcement of a new ‘Major Conditions Strategy’, Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Now, said:

“Right now, the breast cancer workforce is in a perilous situation which is detrimentally impacting timely diagnosis and treatment, despite our incredible NHS staff continuing to work tirelessly to provide the best standard of care for breast cancer patients. Yet despite continued calls on the government to commit to addressing the systemic issues at play, we still await action.

“Whilst it is encouraging that cancer will be recognised within this new strategy, the need remains for a long-term cancer plan focused on tackling the distinct challenges facing breast cancer patients, and commitment to delivering this must not be compromised by the new approach of a 5-year strategy to tackle several major conditions.

“The government must now set out a clear timetable for producing an ambitious and bold Major Conditions strategy, as well as the long-awaited workforce plan addressing the influx in demand for breast cancer services, so that women no longer face unacceptable agonising delays.”


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