When people are worried upset or just want to mull things over with someone who understands what they’re going through talking on the phone isn’t always the best option. We know some people prefer the anonymity of email or they find it easier to write their feelings down rather than talk about them.

That’s why we launched the email One-to-One Support service at the start of 2013 to complement our well-established telephone-based service. With both people are matched with one of our trained volunteers who has had a similar experience of breast cancer.

Another benefit of the email service is that people are able to use it outside office hours.

Julie one of our email support volunteers said: ‘I’ve had eight clients so far and… each contact has been out of office hours some into the early hours of the morning or late at night.’

She added that most start by saying they are using email as they don’t feel up to speaking to anyone.

Now we’re expanding the service and we’ve trained up a new group of volunteers. This means that there are a wider range of experiences reflected and more opportunities for people to get support in this way.

You can read the volunteers' profiles on this website.