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10 years on from my secondary diagnosis, people assume life is back to normal - but it's not

Jane was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer five years after receiving her primary diagnosis. She's been living with the disease for a decade now. Jane tells us how grateful she is to still be here, the valuable support she's received, and why events like Afternoon Tea are so important to her.

I look back and I know I was hard on myself, I didn't give myself the time I needed

In 2007, Jane was prompted to go to the doctor after a friend had a cancer scare. She was found to have primary breast cancer, and was treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Five years later, she began to feel lethargic and not quite herself. Scans showed that her cancer had returned and that she had secondaries in her liver.

Following a surgical procedure, she was declared to be in remission. Since then, she's been very grateful to remain stable, but still feels the impact of daily medication.

In this episode of The Breast Cancer Now Podcast, Jane shares the things that supported her most during difficult times, the hope she has for continued research and improved treatments. And why hosting an Afternoon Tea is much more than a fundraising event for her.

I think the older generation in particular aren't very good at talking about [cancer]... but it can be a positive story. It's positive that I'm sat here talking to you after what happened to me.


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