Laura used some of her own experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer to write her acclaimed novel Single Bald Female.

It’s a book about living life to the full and friendship

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, financial journalist-turned author Laura blogged about her cancer experience, before penning her debut novel, Single Bald Female.

In this episode of the Breast Cancer Now podcast, Laura talks about her diagnosis, her treatment, and how her published novel is an uplifting read that is not simply about the character Jessica’s cancer experience, but also about living life to the full.

In a wide-ranging conversation, she talks also about her popular podcast, Life in Food with Laura Price, and the things she’s learnt in the decade since her primary diagnosis that she wished she could have told her 29-year-old self.

Since I was about 10 or 12 years old I’ve always written a personal diary. So I’ve always been used to writing personal stuff, and writing about the breast cancer experience was the thing that probably came most naturally



Shortly after the episode was recorded, Laura was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, 10 years after her primary diagnosis. You can read her updates and subscribe to her newsletter here.

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Single Bald Female (Pan Macmillan) is out now and available in bookshops or online.


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