After Miriam had treatment for breast cancer, she and her husband Chris decided to explore how they could both provide support to others.

A little bit of humour really got us through

When Miriam was diagnosed with breast cancer, she felt like she was walking into an abyss. But by sharing her fears and concerns with her husband, Chris, and with help from the Someone Like Me service, she was able to move forward with more confidence.

In this episode of the Breast Cancer Now Podcast, we speak to Miriam, a published author, about the impact breast cancer has had on her, and how she and Chris soon began to help others who have had a breast cancer diagnosis.

Miriam and Chris give their advice on how to support a loved one with breast cancer, and what to say to someone who might be unsure of how to ask for help. According to the couple, a little bit of humour used in the right context never goes amiss.


Even if you’ve just got one question, there’s someone within Breast Cancer Now, within Someone Like Me, who can help


For more information on Breast Cancer Now’s Someone Like Me service, click here.

To visit the Romney Marsh Community Hub Cancer Support Group website, mentioned in the podcast, click here.


Everyone’s experience is unique to them. This podcast contains the personal story and experience of the speakers, rather than that of Breast Cancer Now.  

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