Dr. Anita Grigoriardis leads the cancer bioinformatics group at King's College London. She tells us about her work and how it has an impact on cancer research and treatments.

Dr. Anita Gregory

Science progresses first with technology, then with ideas

For more than 20 years, Dr. Anita Grigoriardis has been working in the field of molecular biology. After teaching herself programming, she pivoted to work with data analytics in order to explore patterns related to breast cancer growth and treatment.

Dr. Grigoriardis' type of work is known as 'bioinformatics': a relatively new discipline that has only been made possible through developments in technology and data collection. 

Most recently, the team at King's College London have been focusing on lymph nodes and how they respond to breast cancer and its treatments. 

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One of the challenges [at work] is to be heard in the way that one wants to be heard. I think we all could get better at listening to each other without any biases, to accept that we come from different fields and backgrounds, and to take a step back and listen. 


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