Katia Narain-Phillips and Nadia Narain, authors of Self-Care for the Real World, look at five tips that may help support you moving forward after treatment. 

Self-care is important for anyone, but particularly after you have finished breast cancer treatment. 

My treatment is finished, but i'm not back to normal. I don't want to return to my old habits of living with stress every day.

-BECCA user

1. Managing anxiety

Nadia's breathing techniques:

  • Focus on your breath by taking a deep breath in for two counts and out for four counts.
  • Then inhale for three counts and exhale for six.
  • Then inhale for four counts and exhale for eight.

2. Getting active

Nadia's simple exercise tips:

  • Walking
  • Gentle yoga class, specialising in cancer care

3. Eating healthily

Katia's tips:

  • Home-cooked food
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Ask for help if you're unable to cook for yourself

4. Feelings of guilt

Nadia's tips:

  • Be gentle with yourself, as you would with a child or a friend

5. Struggling to sleep

Nadia's tips

  • Try not to have caffeine too late in the afternoon
  • Avoid using digital screens about an hour before you go to bed
  • Get the room ready for bedtime - draw the curtains, dim the lights, or try spraying lavender oil, to make your room a sanctuary.


You can find healthy recipes, links to cancer-specific yoga classes, information on mindulness and more in BECCA, our free app for anyone adapting to life after breast cancer treatment.