Our long-running one-to-one peer support service is being relaunched under the name Someone Like Me.

Every year we put hundreds of people in touch with one of our trained volunteers for emotional and practical support. Time after time the feedback shows how much people get from the chance to talk to someone who understands how they are feeling because they've been through it too.

‘Speaking to someone who had had such a similar diagnosis and treatment and who had felt all the things I was feeling was absolutely invaluable. Unless you have been there with the best will in the world you can't understand how a diagnosis of breast cancer can affect you in so many different ways.’

Our pool of nearly 200 volunteers bring a huge wealth of experience. So whether you want to talk to someone who is older or younger single or in a relationship with children or without career-focused or not the chances are that we can find someone.

We have volunteers with personal experience of a huge range of treatments and reconstructions as well as partner volunteers who know what it’s like to support someone you love through breast cancer.

Changing our name to Someone Like Me will help us to make sure more people hear about the service and have the chance to benefit from the unique individual support it offers.

Find out more email someonelikeme@breastcancercare.org.uk or call 0345 077 1893.