If you read the Winter issue of Vita Breast Cancer Care's quarterly magazine you'll probably have read about our Vita bloggers - three women who've all been diagnosed with breast cancer.

You can keep up-to-date with how they're living with and beyond treatment at breastcancernow.org/news/vita-magazine/vita-bloggers Here's a taster of their most recent blogs.

  • On Friday 30-year-old Laura described how 'Losing your hair can feel a lot like losing your femininity.' She's recently plucked up the courage to ditch wearing wigs despite feeling self-conscious about her 'naked scalp' following chemotherapy. In the blog she explains why she felt this decision was necessary and how it seems to be paying off.
  • Cheryl wrote about a recent scare she had after finding fluid collecting inside her breast. At the time she wrote the blog she was in two minds over what to do about the problem. Fortunately as she explains in an update on the site a recent trip to the surgeon has brought some positive news.
  • When she last wrote for us Jenny (who is five years on from her original diagnosis) described her hopes for 2013 and gave an update on her training for this year's Edinburgh marathon. Keep an eye out for a new blog from her later this week!

As well as checking the site regularly you can also follow Vita's Twitter account (@Vita_mag) to keep up-to-date with all the content on the Vita website. This includes plenty of online exclusives including extended versions of some articles from the magazine itself and other content you won't find in our print edition.

We're also in the process of redesigning the Vita site so watch this space and we hope to be able to update you on that very soon...


All opinions expressed by the Vita bloggers are those of the authors. They do not necessarily represent the views of Vita or Breast Cancer Care.