PUBLISHED ON: 7 February 2020

To support his mum and the research that has helped her through two breast cancer diagnoses, Carl is raising £20,000 for Breast Cancer Now. 

Carl Orme and his mum

Mum’s mastectomy was a difficult decision 

My mum has unfortunately had breast cancer on two occasions.  

The first was while I was at Sandhurst training to be an officer. She was living in Spain and had to initially try and contend with the challenges of the Spanish healthcare system. Then, when she came back to the UK, she ended up having chemotherapy. Her second diagnosis came while I was serving in Germany.  

After the second treatment, she made the difficult decision to have a double mastectomy to lower her risk. 

I want to do something significant for her 

I’ve always done events and tried to support charities for as long as I can remember. However, I wanted to do something significant for a charity that helped mum and is fighting a disease affecting around 55,000 women and 370 men every year. 

Inspired by the year 2020, in Breast Cancer Awareness Month (2019) I announced my challenge to raise £20,000 for Breast Cancer Now. I’ll be aiming to complete 20 marathon distances as well as charity auctions, virtual race series, raffles, bucket collections and anything else I can do to raise money and awareness.  

I’ve done some tough challenges 

Truthfully, it’s been a difficult ordeal. I’m managing a full-time job, my family and other commitments. However, I am not backing down from this challenge and will do all I can to succeed. 

The 50km ultramarathon has been the hardest challenge I’ve done to date. Although I firmly suspect the 24hr event I am doing in May will be an unrivalled test of my physical and mental robustness (if my knee holds out!).  

I always knew this would be an ambitious challenge, especially for someone who ran their first ever marathon in September 2019. But I take inspiration and strength from those who have had a diagnosis, as well as the incredible support and encouragement that I have received already.  

I am inspired and motivated by others 

I have been on the verge of giving into an easier option more than once, but remind myself what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and that many have suffered far more than me, my pain is only temporary. 

I have met many people on my fundraising journey that have been affected by breast cancer. From the lady who had been through 50 sessions of chemotherapy and feared she wouldn’t make Christmas this year with her children, to the ladies who had a mammogram after seeing the mobile van and were diagnosed and treated quickly.  

Everyone can get involved  

To anyone else considering raising money, I would say: What are you waiting for?!  

Breast Cancer Now provides you with a network of help, guidance and support. The event doesn’t have to be a crazy, ambitious endeavour like mine. Every penny really does add up and everyone you share the message with becomes better aware of the impact of breast cancer and the important work that Breast Cancer Now does. 

You can donate to support Carl in his mission to raise £20,000 in 2020.


If you want to take on a challenge of your own, find out how you can fundraise as part of Team Now.

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