PUBLISHED ON: 28 May 2021

It’s National Volunteers’ Week and today we want to shine a spotlight on Karen, one of our incredible Media Volunteers. We’re so grateful to people who share their story so that we can help to campaign and raise awareness of breast cancer. 

Karen, a white woman with brown hair, smiles for the camera

Hi Karen. Why did you choose to volunteer with Breast Cancer Now?

I chose to volunteer with Breast Cancer Now after being diagnosed with breast cancer after an early mammogram, as part of a trial at the age of 48 in September 2019. I completed a survey after taking part in Breast Cancer Now’s Moving Forward online course, and was contacted and asked if I would like to be a media volunteer.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I did two live interviews during October 2020 for Breast Cancer Awareness month which was really out of my comfort zone, but I found confidence and I love being able to help raise awareness, and hopefully encourage ladies to accept their screening invitations, as I truly believe it saved my life.

Why would you recommend people volunteer with Breast Cancer Now?

I would certainly recommend people volunteer with Breast Cancer Now, as I’ve found it very rewarding, and talking about my experience really helped me.


Would you be interested in getting involved in our media work? Please get in touch and tell us your story.