PUBLISHED ON: 8 July 2019

Natasha struggled with life after breast cancer treatment. She shares why she is walking in The Show London this October. 

Natasha going through treatment

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 22nd December 2017. 

My mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer in February, so when I was taken into the office in the breast clinic, I thought that I would be having a similar conversation to hers, when we found out that she had to undergo surgery and radiotherapy.

I didn’t think that I would be told that I would have to go through chemotherapy and anticipate the potential loss of my fertility. I had only just turned 35, it couldn’t be possible.

I decided I could get bitter about my diagnosis or get better, and I chose the latter. I turned up to my chemotherapy appointments with a little red suitcase full of things to do and a chocolate cake with a unicorn on top baked by my best friend. Surgery came and went and I naively accepted that the worst bit was over.

Radiotherapy was something I wasn’t prepared for. Going back and forth to the hospital on a daily basis to have my skin burnt to crisp coupled with extreme fatigue for me was the toughest part of my treatment. Doing this in a punishing heat wave in the height of a British summer seemed cruel and added to the unbearableness of the situation. 

I finished active treatment in March 2019. I was meant to feel elated. But a delayed infection from my surgery meant that I felt like this part of my life was never going to end. Not sure where to turn to, lying on my sofa, I was scrolling through the BECCA app and stumbled across the card about applying for The Show London. 

A spark lit up inside of me. I definitely did not feel like model material, but before I could talk myself out of it, I filled in the application form and sent it off. I didn’t think I would get a place, especially when I said I wanted to take part because I wanted to be a supermodel like Naomi Campbell!

For as much as I had tried to remain positive, my self-confidence and self-esteem had taken a massive knock. I never thought that Breast Cancer Care would want me in their show. The charity helped me when I needed them most, and I went on a Younger Women Together event in May 2019. 

Meeting other young women made me realise that The Show would be an amazing opportunity to raise awareness for breast cancer and show that it doesn’t discriminate. 

Before now, I’ve never spoken publicly about having breast cancer. Many people don’t know what I’ve been through. In some way I felt that if I didn’t tell people about my diagnosis, then it was like it wasn’t really happening. 

I want people to know that it may be one of the toughest things you ever face but you can definitely get through it. There is so much support out there to help you move forward.

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