PUBLISHED ON: 7 June 2021

Our Chief Executive, Baroness Delyth Morgan, was interviewed on The Charity CEO Podcast.

The Charity CEO Podcast is a chart-topping show, sharing inspiring and meaningful conversations with charity sector leaders. Aiming to always get beneath the surface of issues, the podcast aims to inform and deliver practical insights on challenges facing leaders today. 

Drawing on her own leadership journey, our CEO Baroness Delyth Morgan shares the power of collaborations and mergers to deliver hope and progress for beneficiaries in the latest podcast episode with Dhivya O'Connor.

It’s that simple mantra of providing support for today and hope for tomorrow. It’s about how we can achieve more together for our beneficiaries and keeping that relentless focus on what it is [they] want from us...

I think that’s about us providing hope, providing some really thoughtful ideas about the future and options for how we can make this world a better place that others can get behind.

Listen and find out more on The Charity CEO Podcast website.

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