We know that for some it can be an unexpectedly difficult time when hospital-based treatment for breast cancer ends.

Women getting support

We offer free Moving Forward services and information to help people gain confidence living with and beyond breast cancer.

When others may be expecting you to get back to 'normal' and you no longer have such extensive support from your hospital-based breast care team people can be affected by a range of issues. These can include ongoing side effects of treatment altered body image changed relationships and returning to work. Many people are also very keen to improve their general wellbeing after breast cancer.

To help raise awareness of these issues and to highlight the support we offer we set up the Moving Forward gallery. This is an online photo exhibition where people who have had treatment for primary breast cancer are invited to share their experiences. We’d like to say a big thank you to all who have told their story.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been highlighting key themes on our Facebook page and Twitter with November focusing on long term side effects after treatment.

Patricia and Cheryl talked about their experiences and we released the first set of results from our Moving Forward poll as a infographic which prompted some very interesting discussion.

In December we covered body image and Annalisa and Cheryl shared their stories with us alongside related findings from our second poll.


Body image infographics

We’ll be introducing more people who are moving forward after breast cancer and revealing further results from our poll on these important topics – keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

This month we’ll be featuring diet and exercise followed over the next few months with issues around confidence and emotions and the difficult area of sex and relationships.

If you’re interested in helping to raise awareness of these issues and promote our free services please email us at gallery@breastcancercare.org.uk