PUBLISHED ON: 11 March 2021

In the last two years, 11-year-old Oscar has raised around £4,000 for charity. He tells us why fundraising for breast cancer research is so important to him. 

Oscar, his younger brother and his parents smiling while on a walk outside

We thought my mama’s breast cancer was sorted 

The reason I've been raising money for Breast Cancer Now is because, two years ago, my mama was diagnosed with breast cancer. We thought it was sorted after one year of treatment, but we’ve just now found out that it’s come back.  

I’ve just been thinking about how many more people are going through this, and that’s why I’ve chosen to raise money for Breast Cancer Now. 

For this £1,000 challenge, I have done a raffle with some prizes donated by some lovely companies and other lovely people. We were hoping to sell 200 tickets in order to make the £1,000, but in the first 24 hours of putting them up for grabs we had already done that! Now we are at £1,500. 

Covid has made fundraising tricky 

Due to Covid-19, lots of people haven't been able to hold their fundraising events, so we thought of what we could do online

I have a jewellery business which has a Facebook page, and we’ve changed it so that all the money I get through that goes to Breast Cancer Now. I also sell tie dye bags, and part of the money from that goes towards breast cancer research. Plus, we’re hoping to do much more! 

In the last two years, I have raised about £4,000 for charity. 

I really hope we can find a cure 

For me, raising money for research is important because there isn't a cure for secondary breast cancer at the moment. We're hoping that if we raise enough money, and more people contribute, then we might be able to find a cure. 

For anyone who’s thinking about doing the £1,000 challenge, do it! If you do, you might be saving someone’s life. 


If you've been inspired by Oscar, why not give the £1,000 challenge a go yourself? There are so many things you can do to raise money, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

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