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Kerry is a white women with small face and features. She wears black rectangular glasses and a pink headscarf for her hair loss.

My son ran 30 miles in a month

After her diagnosis, Kerry’s son ran a mile a day, for a month, as part of our Run 30 miles fundraising challenge.

Can you share your breast cancer story with us?

I was diagnosed with grade 2 lobular breast cancer in March 2023. I hadn’t even hit the age for screening, and there wasn’t a lump.

I caught sight of myself in the mirror one day and noticed a big size difference in my breasts. 2 days later, I did an online consultation with a GP, and they referred me to a breast clinic. After another 3 days, I had a mammogram, an ultrasound, and a biopsy, and I heard those words that strike fear into every woman, ‘I’m so sorry, it's breast cancer’.

And I had to tell my 14-year-old son about my diagnosis, which was really challenging.

What happened next?

3 weeks on, after numerous scans and tests, I had a single mastectomy and 15 lymph nodes removed which were all cancerous. I’m now currently mid-chemo.

What led your son to get involved in the Run 30 miles challenge?

After I told my son about my diagnosis, he told me he wanted to raise money for a breast cancer charity. I was so very proud of him. We looked together and found the Run 30 miles challenge, where you run 1 mile a day for a month.

Just 4 days after my op, he started fundraising. He was thrilled to see the money start to pour in from amazing family and friends. The final total was nearly £2,300.

He’s now even more keen to raise more money for such an amazing cause. He’s turned one of the worst things a 14-year-old could hear, into a positive, by raising money and awareness to about the work of Breast Cancer Now.

kerry and her son are at home. He is in high school and slightly taller than her. He has her arms around her and is wearing a Breast Cancer Now running vest.

How did your son fundraise for the challenge?

I set him up a Facebook fundraising page which he shared on Facebook and instagram with friends and family. 

How did the Run 30 miles challenge go?

My son found it difficult to fit the challenge around school and other commitments, but when he couldn’t complete a day, he ran a bit extra on other days to make the miles up. He actually ended the month at over 40 miles.  

What did the challenge mean to you both?

I think it helped my son process the news, and it showed him how many people loved and supported us. It gave him a focus after my operation. 

For me, I was overwhelmed with all the donations from family and friends. And it was heartening to know I was surrounded by so much love and support, and that people wanted to help the charity, and therefore others in a similar situation. 

I was so incredibly proud of my son, not only his thoughtfulness at such a tough time in his life but his determination to smash the 30-mile target. 

What would you say to someone considering a sports challenge?

Do it. Whether you do it as a personal challenge, or to support a loved one, you'll be helping this amazing charity continue its important research and support. It really makes a difference.

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