Kayla was first diagnosed with breast cancer at 20 and experienced a recurrence in her early 30s. She tells us about the long-term impact cancer had and how she has worked to move forward and help others.

It's taken a long time to come to terms with what's happened to me

In 2005, when she was just 20 years old, Kayla was diagnosed with breast cancer. Being so young, there were not many people she could talk to about her experience, and she felt quite detached from friends her age who were able to get on with their lives without the interruption of treatment.

Shortly after, Kayla started volunteering for Breast Cancer Now, and hoped she could help other women who had been diagnosed at a young age. She also had a daughter, despite worries that treatment may have affected her fertility.

After a recurrence, Kayla is even more determined to help others, and hopes that her story will help raise awareness - especially amongst younger women.

You end up growing up really quickly, which I find very unfair. You're supposed to be free and happy and having fun, and it was all just taken away from me. 


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