Kate and Sarah met through a mutual friend after they were both diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. As well as supporting one another through treatment, they also started a company that specialises in post-mastectomy lingerie.

It was so nice to have someone who just 'gets it'

At the time of their diagnoses, Sarah and Kate were in very similar positions. They were both in their thirties, each had two young children, and they lived very nearby to one another. When they were introduced by a mutual friend, they found immediate support - as well as someone else who understood the struggles of post-mastectomy life.

Kate had a double mastectomy with reconstruction, while Sarah opted for a single mastectomy with no reconstruction. Despite the differences in their surgeries, they both found themselves facing similar problems. From ugly bras to insensitive fitters, the whole experience further added to the strain of living with or beyond a breast cancer diagnosis.

Tune in to find out how they teamed up to start Bra Sisters, and their hopes of helping others who have had surgery following breast cancer.


Breast cancer can feel like an attack on everything that might be considered feminine. You can lose your breasts, your hair. I lost my ability to have more children. It just feels like everything is coming after you.


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