The Catalyst Programme encompasses a number of research projects, all aiming to find preventions, treatments and cures for breast cancer. In this episode, we take a closer look into four of them.

We aim to fund research that holds the greatest potential to benefit people affected by cancer

This week, we are speaking to our Research Communications Officer, Edd. He gives us some insight into studies focusing on lobular breast cancer, Palbociclib, cancers caused by BRCA gene changes, and the drug testing process itself.

Tune in for a better understanding of where our funding goes, what sorts of research projects we are prioritising, and how our work is constantly influencing and improving the study and treatment of breast cancer.


This is quite a stunning figure, but about 95% of cancer drugs that enter the early stages of clinical trials are never approved for widespread use, and this is often because the way we test drugs in early stages doesn't truly reflect what would happen in a person.

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