Baroness Delyth Morgan, CEO of Breast Cancer Now, tells us about some of the things she's been part of in her 25 years with the charity, as well as how we are focusing more on people with secondary breast cancer.

A lot of people with incurable breast cancer feel isolated and ignored - and that's something we have to change

In this episode of the podcast, Delyth tells us about how she first got involved with Breast Cancer Now in 1996 (at which point it was known as Breakthrough Breast Cancer). She tells us about the charity's original mission to set up a dedicated breast cancer research centre, a few of the outstanding treatment developments that have been funded over the years, and how she balances her work with her personal experience of cancer.

Tune in to hear some insight into how Breast Cancer Now is working to improve research, treatment and care for everyone affected by breast cancer.

We need more treatments, we need better and faster diagnosis, and we need people to understand what to look for - so, better awareness and education. And, ultimately, the people who are diagnosed with breast cancer need better support.


Everyone’s experience is unique to them. This podcast contains the personal story and experience of the speaker, rather than that of Breast Cancer Now.  

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