In 2017, Jen received a de novo diagnosis of secondary breast cancer after experiencing some unusual symptoms. She tells us about the misconceptions she had about cancer, and how she's working with Breast Cancer Now to campaign for change.

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I'd still be here

Jen initially went to the doctor in 2017 after experiencing some persistent throat problems. She was initially told she probably had laryngitis, but didn't see any improvement after five weeks of treatment. After a referral to the ear, nose and throat department and further testing, she was informed that she had advanced (metastatic) breast cancer.

As she had never received a primary breast cancer diagnosis, Jen was unsure of what to expect from her treatment. She also had no idea what her prognosis would be, and worried at first that she might only have months to live. Thanks to her current treatment, however, she has been declared no evidence of active disease.

Since then, Jen has worked with Breast Cancer Now to campaign for better treatment options for people with secondary breast cancer. Tune in to hear her speak about this, as well as how she has learned to live with her diagnosis.

You're told you've got an incurable diagnosis, so you go to some very dark places. And your family and friends go to dark places as well. But then, as time goes on, you think, 'I'm still here'. 


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