Kendra found her diagnosis difficult to deal with, especially when everyone around her struggled to talk about it. In this episode, she speaks about how her children, mother and coworkers all had different reactions to the words, 'breast cancer'.

To this day, my mum calls it 'The Big C'

Kendra discovered she had breast cancer after attending a trial for women under 50, and hadn't noticed any symptoms herself. The diagnosis came as a shock, and proved to be difficult to explain to those around her - especially her young sons and her mother.

In speaking about her diagnosis and treatment, Kendra noticed that there is still a strong taboo around breast cancer, particularly amongst the Carribean and other Black communities. 

Now she is in recovery, Kendra is hoping to raise awareness that Black women can get breast cancer, and reduce the stigma surrounding cancer in general.

My son, Ben, who has autism, said: 'Right, mum, I have four questions for you.' To be honest, I only remember two of them. The first one was, 'Are you going to lose your hair?' and the second one was, 'Are you going to die?'


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