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My Story podcast: Research stories

This week, we're taking a quick peek into the research side of things with our research communications officer, Edd, and discussing 3 studies we've been involved in over the past few months.

Prevention, treatment and moving forward

To give an insight into the research side of our work, we thought we’d share a brief overview into 3 studies that we’ve either funded or worked on during 2021.

First, you’ll hear about the ActWELL study, which explored the effectiveness of community-led weight loss programs for women in higher breast cancer risk categories. Then, we’ll speak about an exciting piece of research on how current blood cancer trials could lead to new breast cancer treatments. Finally, we’ll touch on a study that demonstrates the effectiveness of CBT on women with menopausal symptoms.

Tune in to find out more.

These are really important studies that, moving forward, are going to play a massive part in preventing breast cancer.


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