PUBLISHED ON: 16 June 2021

In 2020, two days before Christmas, Rosamund found out she had breast cancer. We spoke to her and her husband about how they're working through it together.

It was almost a relief to have things taken out of our hands

When Rosamund was told there was a 95% chance she had breast cancer just days before Christmas, she and Jonathan approached the matter quite pragmatically. By the time it was confirmed on 6 January, they were almost relieved that they could stop speculating about possibilities and that Rosamund could get underway with treatment.

In this episode, Rosamund and Jonathan tell us about how breast cancer has had an impact on both of them, how they've navigated treatment while being in lockdown with their two young children, and also their experience of sharing regular updates on Rosamund's progress in a column with The Sunday Times.

Having a couple of humans in the house just saying really silly things is a great help when you're going through something that, as grown ups, we obsess over.


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