PUBLISHED ON: 24 January 2019

I had to start being kind to myself 

We speak to Sara, who runs her own blog, Ticking Off Breast Cancer, about how blogging helped her through her treatment and how to take the pressure off yourself after breast cancer. 

Sara finished her active breast cancer treatment in December 2017. She expected that she'd be able to jump back into her life where she had left it, juggling a part time job in London and being a mother to two children.

However, side effects like fatigue and early menopausal symptoms made it difficult for her to go back to her 'normal' life. She shares how she learned to manage her expectations and be kinder to herself. 

I had to reset my expectations and realise that what I'd hoped throughout treatment, of picking up where I left off, just wasn't going to happen. 

Watch Sara's video of breast cancer stories from around the world.

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