Nic, a mum of two, was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in March 2018. She tells us how she approached the subject of cancer with her children, and how she and her friend set up an initiative to help parents communicate with kids about cancer.

We called it a ‘club’ so children don’t feel isolated

After receiving a diagnosis of secondary breast cancer, Nic worked with her friend, Jen, who died in April this year, to create ‘The Little C Club’. The club is a resource for parents who want to communicate with their children about cancer.

In this episode of the Breast Cancer Now Podcast, we speak to Nic, a nurse, about the impact breast cancer has had on her, as well as her ongoing work with the Little C Club.

During the conversation, Nic - who met Jen, a fellow mum and teacher, at a Breast Cancer Now event in 2020 - delves into the issues that parents may want to navigate when addressing cancer-related topics with their children.

We made an A-Z of cancer – breaking it down into bite-size chunks


For more information about the Little C Club, click here.


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