Asda colleague Maxine Green was one of the models on the catwalk at our annual London fashion show at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Wednesday 2 October.

Maxine joined the other women and men who have all had a diagnosis of breast cancer. The models were styled by fashion expert Hilary Alexander in the latest in high street and designer fashion and proved you can still look great and feel confident after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Maxine who was diagnosed in 2010 said: 'I wanted to do this to show anyone going through breast cancer that it isn’t always life-threatening and you can still look and feel the same as before.'

Maxine at The Show

Maxine had a full right side mastectomy followed by reconstruction as well as chemotherapy.

She added: 'It’s one of the biggest shocks of your life to be told you have breast cancer. I hadn’t expected it. I had always been extra vigilant after losing my mum to breast cancer six years ago.'

'I had five months off work during my treatment. It wasn’t that I wasn’t well enough but I didn’t want to catch an infection from someone while I was having treatment.' Having worked all her life it took some adjusting to take time off. She added: 'It took me a few weeks to get used to the fact that I was not going to work every day but living on a farm kept me busy.'

Maxine kept in touch with her colleagues through regular visits to the store. She said: 'I would go into the store and have breakfast with some of my colleagues every so often to keep in touch. My colleagues were supportive. The fundraising Asda does for Tickled Pink makes everyone more aware. There have been other people who have had breast cancer in my store as well. I think having this connection to the cause makes everyone more committed to the fundraising we do.'

Since her experience of breast cancer Maxine says her attitude to life has changed. She added: 'I try to fit as much as I can into everyday life simply because I still can. I still work full time and have a busy home life. Having cancer has made me appreciate life more.'

George at Asda sponsored the Wild West scene at the show which was a great success. The scene included models styled in outfits with heavy fringing and studding across clothing and accessories.

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